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& Act Natural
The Continuation of This Community 
January 15th, 2013 | 02:58 am
kyo//potato cheepz
It seems, as it has for a very long time, that most of the livejournal-based fan communities are dying out.

Regretfully, neither I nor my co-mod have it in us to continue our presence on livejournal and thus maintain this community. It was a difficult decision to let it go, but we've both realized neither of us have it in us and this community deserves better than that.

If anyone is interested in taking over leadership, please contact me here or on tumblr @ ampkiss.

I was primary mod of this community for almost nine years, since a month or two after its founding. It's had swings of activity and swings of death, but always has been creative and welcoming and a bastion of quality among fanworks. Thank you guys for being what kept it going this long. We still love this pairing, and this band, and we'll see you all at shows!

much love,
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