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& Act Natural
The End of the Road - Chapter 5 
February 1st, 2013 | 06:03 pm
urob kyo

Title: The End of the Road

Author: Mad_Stalin_69

Chapter: 5/5

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: ANGST, bad language

Pairings: Kyo/Kaoru; Die/Shinya; Toshiya/Miyavi;

Summary: The last, third part of Until You Lose Your Breath.

Author's comment: Last chapter :) This one doesn’t really fit in the whole story. I wrote it at the time I was writing Blurry Days, so this chapter is of a Blurry Days style, nothing like Until… stories. But I guess it’s a nice last scene to end the story :) When I wrote it I wasn’t sure if it will end up in part 3, but now this is the only thing that I can offer for an ending… :)


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